Prenatal Massage

Prenatal & Postnatal Massage

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Being pregnant is such an amazing and exciting time but is also very stressful on your body. A prenatal massage can help with the swelling and back discomfort commonly experienced by mothers-to-be. The changes in a pregnant woman’s body can exacerbate acute or chronic issues and massage therapy can help!

As a mother herself, Emma firmly believes in mothers-to-be taking the time to care for themselves by including massage as part of their overall health routine. Post-partum relaxation massages are particularly important as the body and mind heal from the birthing experience. Scheduling time away from the non-stop duties of motherhood is critical for a new mother’s emotional health, as well. Massage gives the mom-to-be or new mother a chance to rest and be pampered which is often a neglected necessity during the excitement of a new baby. Deep tissue massage can be a great way to alleviate shoulder pain from nursing and carrying a lot of new equipment around!

A certified prenatal massage therapist, Emma takes every precaution to make sure you are comfortable and you receive a safe massage. Massages are given while you are in a side-lying position and supported by fluffy pillows to ensure your comfort. Thirty and one hour sessions are offered. Ninety minute sessions might sound good but most pregnant women find being on the table that long is often too uncomfortable.

Prenatal massages are offered any time after the first trimester and are safe up to the moment of birth. Many moms bring a helper along to their sessions so they can learn soothing techniques to be used during and after the birth. Emma has taught massage to couples for many years and is a compassionate and gentle educator.

Massage is contraindicated for high-risk pregnancies. Be sure to ask your doctor for clearance to receive massages before scheduling an appointment.