Sports Massage

Add Sports Massage to Your Health Routine

A qualified sports massage therapist can help you identify muscle imbalances and postural issues which may be contributing to a potential injury, exacerbating an old one or impeding your training progress.

I love working with athletes! I’m not sure if it’s the body awareness most athletes have or the huge amount of respect I have for the capabilities of the human body but I do know it’s the most satisfying part of my work to date.If you are an athlete, whether it’s a weekend warrior or an elite level competitor, you know that regardless of how carefully you train and compete, you will eventually suffer from pain or injuries.

Sports Massage Therapy Sessions

When I meet a new sports massage client, the MOST important part of the session is the pre-massage conversation when you tell me what you want to achieve athletically, your past physical difficulties including injuries and non-peak performance, and what you want to achieve in your time with me.

After the initial interview, I explain my thoughts on the issues presented including research and my own years of experience, a detailed anatomy and physiology explanation so you can understand your body better then I will outline a treatment plan for the session.

The sports massage techniques I employ include deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretching, and range of motion tests. Sometimes, clients are surprised to feel pain and/or tightness in areas they never knew were problematic. Addressing all areas of the body, not just the painful ones, is key to maintaining a healthy athletic lifestyle for many years to come.

Yelp Review

Best massage ever! I had a sports massage with Emma today, and it was literally the best massage I’ve ever gotten. I’m a (middle-aged) triathlete who did a half-ironman triathlon a week ago. So, I wanted a massage from someone who knew what she was doing. Emma’s understanding of anatomy and physiology was amazing. It was like she was talking directly to my muscles. She somehow identified old injuries without me telling her about them, like an old calf-muscle tear. She worked on all the right areas, with the right pressure. She was just completely in tune to what I needed. It was really an amazing massage. She comes with my highest recommendation. (Click to see review on Yelp)

Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Massage provides a circulatory effect of both blood and lymph fluids, helping to maintain the muscles and soft tissue in an optimum state of nutrition.
  • Massage reduces hypertonicity of the muscles creating improved tone, flexibility, and relaxation, as well as promoting overall muscle balance.
  • Massage enables the athlete to recover more rapidly and completely from injury. This reduces the likelihood of chronic problems and further injury.
  • Massage reduces muscle soreness enabling the athlete to train and perform more consistently at a higher level.
  • Massage directly benefits the muscular, skeletal, nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems.
  • Cross fiber massage effectively reduces adhesions and varying degrees of scar tissue formation in the soft tissues. This allows for a true freeing of the tissues, reestablishing full function of a muscle in contraction and elongation, promoting muscle balance and range of motion.
  • Massage reduces pain and promotes relaxation, creating a positive effect physically and mentally.
  • Massage reduces edema and speeds circulation.
  • Massage reduces cramping and spasm as well as voluntary and involuntary splinting, thus promoting complete recovery and improved overall muscle balance.
  • Massage helps to enhance increased body awareness thus assisting the athlete in balance body awareness and injury prevention.